Tailored device diagnostics for the complete life cycle

Technology evolves, your organization evolves. Ultra-X is committed to the continuous development of extensive diagnostic service tooling. We bring efficiency, opportunity and reliability.

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Our diagnostic service tools suit just about any device. Odds are yours are included. Choosing for Ulta-X has many advantages:

  • Self service tools that reduce returns.
  • One quality standard, one user experience.
  • Tooling for the complete lifecycle of devices.
  • Extreme burn-in testing ensures quality.
  • Cross platform support, form factor an OS.
  • Integration in your processes and systems.
  • Tailored brand look & feel.


Robust services are subject to continuous optimization

When your aim is to maximize efficiency and opportunity, you need to integrate diagnostic tooling into your processes and systems. Basically this boils down to a matter of trust. Rest assured, we live up to our promise and will optimize our services continuously.

Build your own service stack with the following modules:

Quick Assessment

A handy 1-minute device check with practical recommendations as an outcome. Almost instantly you'll know what measures are required. Use a USB-stick or simply deploy the tooling from your website or the cloud. Seize opportunities by upselling products and services that are backed by a custom branded result report.

Hardware Diagnostics

Core level diagnostic tooling assuring quality, stability and reliability of your devices. Quickly isolate unpredictable failures or maximize technical efficiency by eliminating the guesswork. The Ultra-X hardware diagnostics increase overall service, product quality and boost revenues.

Stress Testing

Leave nothing to chance and rely on our multi-threaded stress testing to confirm stability of the operating system and hardware functionality. Perform simultaneous burn-in testing on system hardware to draw out heavy usage conditions and maximize the stress level on the device.

Self-Service Tooling

Improve efficiency and the quality of your technical support process by providing customers with end-user friendly tooling and monitoring. This dramatically reduces unnecessary product returns, while automated service reminders create sales opportunities.

Malware Removal

Trust on our pre-OS malware removal tool that ensures a safe environment before accessing the Operating system and data of customers. Good to know our service is available for PC, Mac and mobile platforms.


Combine a hardware and software check, optimize your operating system and do malware checks; all in one run. This healthcheck is a fully automated process which generates a both detailed and customer friendly report.

Data Erasure

Wipe out sensitive data completely and permanently. This powerful tool works operating system independent and is available as bootable USB stick or can be operated from a network. When finished it leaves a certification of proof that the data has been erased completely.

Software Installer

Install software and apps as a service. Take care of loading, installing, updating, managing and removing software applications. Need to transfer data to a newly purchased device? This module has got you covered.

"Our analytics are

powered by relevance"

Service Analytics

As a multi-store retailer you want to have access to depth insights on service performance and store efficiency.

As a repair center you want to have access to a dashboard with statistics on usage, technician efficiency and part reliability.

As a head of service operations you want to have access to data analytics that helps you spot trends and measure KPIs.

As a refurbisher you want to have access to result reports, erase certifications and the service history of any device.

As a device manufacturer you want to measure part reliability to optimize your service process.

We have invested more than 30 years in gaining knowledge of your industry and desires. We understand your needs, our analytics are proof of that.

Delivered to your specs

Tailored to your needs

Your service is unique. That why we designed ours to be able to adapt to your processes, systems, brand feel and localization.

Why Ultra-X


There are many reasons to invest your trust in Ultra-X. Let's summarize the most important:

  • First company ever to deliver diagnostic services
  • Over 30 years of experience
  • Managed Service means continuous optimization
  • Service is tailored to your needs
  • Cross platform support and multiple form factors available
  • Global presence, local support, 24/7/365

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